Friday, January 29, 2010

For One More Day

Dear Me,

I've heard you decided to blog again. How many times have you stopped blogging only to find yourself not being able to resist the urge of vociferating your thoughts and emotions through writing? I have lost count already but I am as excited as your are. Where ever this takes you, I am sure you'll be able to thresh out the crap and find gold even in the filthiest of dump sites. Your mom has taught you well. That from where you sit, that's where you shall stand.

You said in your last blog entry that you were leaving the blogosphere to pursue somethin' big. Somethin' that would redefine your life and make long term effects on how you deal with it. It has been more than two months and I have come to know that you are most fulfilled and satisfied by how much you've gained. As you expected, following relentlessly your desires involved consternation and more often than not, the pangs of loneliness and defeat. You have managed - but not without moments of fear and agnosticism as to the precision and even candor of the path you have chosen to take. And well, what's this i've heard from some common friends that you have morphed into someone younger than your age? Tell me, did Belo make you happy? Kiddin' aside, I am amazed by how they describe the change in your weight and appearance - somethin' you have done in less than two months.

So here you are again. Ready to share. Ready to write. Ready to get cranky. Ready to get spanked. Ready to get narcissistic. Ready to get that one more day. Ready to meet redemption - once again. I am lookin' forward to writing more letters for you. Together, this journey would be berserk, delirious, erratic and outrageous.

Always yours,



Chyng said...

Great, blogging again!

btw, what do you mean by scaling? Ü

Anonymous said...

Welcome back idol! hehe.. sabi ko na nga ba.. wahaha! ang tissue ihanda! :))

dojski said...

Welcome BACKKKKKK! =)

dojski said...

and blog's all new look! ;) Always a great thing to be able to begin again, noh? ;)

Sonia said...

got the itch, eh? hehe, good for us. :-)

witsandnuts said...

Welcome back!

wanderingcommuter said...

it happens but the good thing now is that your back. keep them coming!

Inna said...

ha! I'm gonna get some ideas here that i might use for my own blog..! hehe.. just kidding.. good thing may blog na po kyo ulit.. =D for sure through this matututo ako mag-sulat.. you're gonna be my mentor without even knowing it.. haha..

Pamela said...

nice to know you're back! :)

perhaps you're really destined to blog, don't you think? :)

hope to hear more from you soon. :)

theLastJedi said...

_tnx chyng.. scaling? somethin' to do with photography i guess.. ehe

_at ika'y sabik sa aking pagbabalik.. ehe.. miss ku na pagbili mo sa akin sa Friends for Sale ng FB.. ehe

_new look,new concept.. hope you'll get to enjoy dz more than my old one..

_yes doc.. urticaria na ito.. prescribe me some meds, ako na ang mag-carry out.. ahahahahah!!!!

_salamat, salamat.. hope you'll visit again.. =)

_yep, it does.. thanks.. and as i keep them comin', hope you'll keep on comin' back too.. =)

_from nursing school to the blogosphere, binobola mo pah din ako.. ahahahahaha!!!! thanks inna.. i admire you as much as(you claim) you admire me..

_destined to blog.. hmmm.. i never thought it that way.. ahahahaha!!! thanks pam.. be back soon.. =)

engel said...

It's nice to see you're back. Your presence was missed in the blogosphere. Love the new format. Hey, how about that coffee? =D

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