Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rubbers and Liners

Dear Me,

Have you been watchin' the news lately? It's official: There is an HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Philippines. There is a continuous and fast rise of patients testing positive for the infection. It took only ten months of 2009 to surpass the reported cases of the entirety of the year 2008. I remember you telling me several years back that this occurrence is bound to happen when the incumbent administration opted to cede to the influence of the Catholic Church in banning government spending for methods other than natural family planning. Apart from population explosion, STI's or sexually transmitted infections will see a rise in incidence. You just hate it when every time a reproductive health legislation is brought forth, conservatives would label it as pro-abortion.

I hope people will see what you saw and have been advocating for all these years. That the Filipino, just like any other race in the world, is experiencing a change in culture. That it has evolved and the dynamics have changed should open our eyes to the fact that the interest of science and the dogmas of religion have to meet somewhere. You cannot just help but roll your eyes when someone would tell you that the country's problem is not the number of Filipinos but the manner by which we utilize human resources. Crap, how would we even consider them as resources if by their sheer number we cannot feed, shelter, clothe and educate them? And now with the DOH officially stating that there is an AIDS epidemic, the matter is even more pressing.

I am sure you will be sad as I am in knowing that most of the new HIV-positive patients are Filipinos with ages rangin' from 17-30 years old. Yep, younger and younger the mean age of exposure is. Before, most patients are from the third sex or sex workers. Now, most of the new cases are young urban professionals - a number of which come from the call center industry. I am happy to note however that you have proclaimed some few years back that your promiscuous days are over. You even have this preposterous claim that you are currently practicing celibacy. But aren't you just glad that during your time with the call center industry such an epidemic has not yet occurred? I heard you were as casual with sex as you were with your sneakers.

Will close now. I am begging you to exercise discretion. Not only with your sexual habits. Remember, you are a nurse and part of the medical team. And as such, you are a front-liner. By the way, you're currently a Deliver Room nurse right? How does it feel? A male nurse in the DR, wheeww man. In any case, you never needed to be in the DR to see a dilated cervix. Just kiddin' bloke. Peace.

Your friend for Good Health,



Anonymous said...

shucks. really? there is an AIDS epidemic? i guess i haven't been reading the news after all. sigh. all the more to preserve what i have vowed to preserve. if my screaming conscience cannot hold my screaming hormones maybe medical logic will. sigh.

nurse k pla?

ps. ayoko mag link ng blog so AIM ID nlng ginamit ko. pero it is still the same, one and only me. hehe :D


HEY! Miss ko na ang magwork sa DR. STudent Nurse pa lang ako nun.... There's this emo that I cudnt explain everytime I successfully pop a baby out... 3 mums aked me if they can hav my name for the babs... I thout that was nice. Sana lang di nila in-add yung surname ko.

Back 2 ur topic.... AIDS? OO nga eh.. parang 2 weeks na sa TVP yun yung napapanood ko. Scary no? Kaya ikaw colleague... ingat.

theLastJedi said...

_sinabe mo pah.. i do hope this will not be grow into a proportion that will be very difficult to manage..

_wow, parehong-pareho tayo ng experience.. iba talaga yung pakiramdam every time a baby is born through our help.. alam mo bang ilang nanay na ang gumamit ng "alexis" ko to add to their babies' given name.. emo.. =)

engel said...

i don't think it's fair to attach the call center industry with the so-called epidemic. it's the lifestyle and not the job that's causing people to get sick. =(

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